How Long Can I Keep an Old Car?

Here’s the absolute most solid approach to spare cash on autos: Keep your clunker and drive it till it drops.

A fairly tended to vehicle should at present be pursuing long the odometer has timed 100,000 miles. Continue driving it and you spare cash not just in light of the fact that you don’t need to make installments on another auto, yet in addition since protection premiums are lower, and in a few states, so are enlistment expenses and individual property charges.

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Sadly, eventually the statute of restrictions runs out on this specific cash sparing tip. The more the auto is in the shop, and the more extensive the oil spill develops on your standard parking space, the more you may contemplate supplanting the old chariot with something, great, more pleasant. In the mean time, the cash you spare by not purchasing another auto has a tendency to be eaten up by the developing expense of keeping the old one out and about.

The inquiry is: The place’s the tipping point? To what extent does it take for the higher cost of buying another auto to be defended by the developing expense of keeping up the old one?

Longer than you might suspect. The genuine numbers are less essential than the abrogating message: Those advance installments stack the deck against another auto. You could experience significantly higher repair costs than expected and still end up as a winner by keeping the old one. Without an enormous repair charge – you require another motor, for instance – an old auto is quite often less expensive to possess than another one. You can close the hole a bit with two or three systems in the event that you choose to buy another auto.

Pay money. This will decrease your aggregate cost by wiping out the enthusiasm on the advance , however keeping in mind the end goal to make a reasonable examination you’d additionally need to consider what else you may have finished with that cash and the premium you may have earned on the off chance that you hadn’t spent it on an auto.

Pay a lower loan cost. A lower rate makes a difference. In any case, regardless of whether you dispose of all the enthusiasm by scoring a 0% rate on another buy, the old auto would at present be less expensive to possess than the better and brighter one.

Purchase an utilized auto. The issue is that, unless it is a confirmed utilized vehicle, an utilized auto doesn’t accompany another auto guarantee, so you go out on a limb of unforeseen high repair charges that you as of now have with the auto you have. “Confirmed utilized” or “guaranteed pre-claimed” utilized autos are regularly a few year-old beforehand rented autos. They’re offered by neighborhood merchants and highlight guarantees that stretch out past the underlying “when new” scope.


An affirmed vehicle has a guarantee that is upheld by the first vehicle producer. Thirty-five creators have guaranteed pre-possessed projects. Terms contrast, yet a genuine guaranteed pre-claimed program will incorporate no less than a 100-point investigation of the auto. Generally programs:

* incorporate just vehicles under five years of age;

* have mileage constrains under 100,000;

* utilize just vehicles that have had no real body work from earlier mishaps;

* “restore” the vehicle after a multistep review (110 to 300+ investigation focuses); and

* give an augmentation of the new-auto guarantee.

Confirmed pre-claimed autos are generally more costly than other utilized autos. In any case, the advantages may exceed the cost—for some purchasers, the significant serenity alone is sufficient to legitimize the additional cash.

In any case, let be honest: When all is said and done, a large portion of us don’t construct choices in light of a nitty gritty bookkeeping of the expenses. Solace, style, picture, security, accommodation and unwavering quality – these are the powers inspiring most by far of Americans who choose to purchase another auto. So be it. The imperative thing is to pick the correct auto and get to the most ideal arrangement.

Exotic cars leaving on state street

Missed the car show? Here are the exotic cars that are leaving on state street.

Check these out! Gorgeous Nissan gt-r, Lamborghini, Bugatti, you name it. There had to be over 10 million worth of exotic automobiles at the car show and it looks like they all headed out the same direction. I’m glad this was caught on video because it truly is a site to see. But not only that, this isn’t your armchair experience, no not at all. This specific vantage point allows you to see how they handle. How’s the takeoff? Steering? How do they hug the ground. And the sound, oh the sound of it all. Nothing is better than hearing and seeing them drive by in real life. Heck, I remember as a kid straining my neck to see cars like this drive by on the road or trying to catch up with them to get a closer look. Here you get the full effect, live in person. Plus the street is empty, too which makes it even better. I do have to say, they are so low to the ground, you don’t think about that much. The cars are almost tiny, but that’s not a good word for it, they are too impressive for that. And with the regular cars in the show heading out on the same patch of road, you get a chance to see them too and how they compare. Are the exotics worth 5 times, 10 times, 20 times more? At 200k, I’d say yes. But when they begin to hit a million plus, that makes me wonder how much is hype. Aside from rarity, is a Bugatti really 5x better than a Ferrari? Then again, rarity and exclusivity is definitely related to price and value of something. Just a limited run of a specific model can up the cost quite a bit. Then there are all the extra special things they do to the car to make it worth even more. What are your thoughts? Chime in below.

Baltimore Auto Show 700+ HP Dodge Challenger Hellcat

Baltimore Auto Show 700+ HP Dodge Challenger Hellcat

Many of you follow motortrends and their car show if you’re lucky enough to see it in Baltimore, yearly. Well here we have an extra-nice, under $60k, 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT “hellcat” that is just an amazingly beautiful car. The black on black package makes it even more attractive in my honest opinion.

Check out the hellcat logo and srt which are all over the car, on the side, the wheels, the back even the gas cap. This beast is the fastest production car of it’s time (well, maybe the McLaren has more hp, but you can’t find that for this price). It’s 6.2L engine can go 0-60 in 3.6 seconds and do an 11 second quarter mile. That’s what you get from the 707 h.p. supercharged Dodge engine.

The 20″ tires match having black rims and a black interior to boot. Nice, right? Very nice. So, do you think it’s worth it? You can get the basic models of these type of muscle cars for around half that price, so (assuming money isn’t a big issue), should you double the investment and go all out? I say yes, and here’s why.

First, is exclusivity. If you’re going after value as an investment, you will want to have the rarest car possible. I have a friend who actually considers good ol’ American made steel (i.e. muscle and collector cars) as the best investment in METAL you can make. And that includes silver, gold and platinum being in the mix. So, with the top of the line there are even fewer of these challengers being made, making it more rare, and therefore more valuable.

Secondly, let’s talk enjoyment. What sounds more fun if you’re a muscle car enthusiast? Driving around in a regular challenger? Or the top of the line hellcat SRT that can go 0-60 (and still stay legal) in 3.6 seconds? Which do you think will turn more heads? The regular one or the one with the black on black package, deluxe rims and with a sound that will make your heart beat faster? The hellcat, of course. So if we’re talking ego (and if we’re honest, don’t we always?), then the hellcat is the way to go.

So far, it’s worth more because it’s more rare, and it’s more fun because it outlooks and outperforms it’s standard little brothers. But what else? What about driving? Ok, if this is going to be a daily driver and you’re going to decrease the value with a ton of miles, you may not want to go all out on this one. Unless you don’t care about resale value and just want pure enjoyment. I’m thinking since money doesn’t grow on trees, maybe this would be a Sunday driver, something you’d pass on to the kids when they get old enough (i.e. they turn 50, lol).

So there you have it. Now just which muscle car to get, right? A camaro, mustang, or mopar. This one definitely will turn heads and is on my favorite list. I tend to like the challenger over the charger, but that’s strictly my personal opinion. The mustangs are almost too common for me (but the new ones look VERY nice from the front, not sure about the back too much). And growing up camaro’s were always the family favorite (we had a white ’69 called “marshmallow”).


Kid buys dad his Dream motorcycle

Kid buys dad his Dream motorcycle

Logan Kugler, famous entrepreneur, blogger and exotic car reviewer has had an incredible life, from his incredible parents. They went all out and gave him a few memories that have stayed with him and helped shape him into the man he is today. They taught him how special he was and how he could accomplish anything. And so… he decided to pay his dad back. And you can see in this video the lengths he went to, to make it happen.

It’s hard to watch this and not become touched and get all emotional. I especially like all the planning that went into it. It was Christmas day. He didn’t know it was happening (or that his son was even in town). He told them he was vacationing in Colorado and even planned a layover in Denver to get a pic on social media, to completely mislead him (like all good sons do). The family, and he knew nothing. And here he goes and makes it happen, even though it’s not an ideal moment for him… He gets him the BMW 1600 of his dreams, a top of the line model. Loads it with gear so he can go riding immediately. Even has mom “prime the pump” hinting about it, and tops it all off with a trip for dad to the BMW rider training school in South Carolina.

…and it went off flawlessly. Priceless.

At the beginning of the video, where Logan is talking about savoring life, enjoying it, making it all worthwhile, he nailed it. He sums it up perfectly when he says “Life is short, time is precious, and I want to give him something that will allow him to escape his current troubles, even if temporarily… and hopes the joy of riding brings it back to him”, while he still has the ability to get out and ride.

Gumball 3000 Rolls Royce Phantom

Holy cow! Check out this Rolls Royce Phantom wrapped for the Gumball 30000

It is pretty crazy!

Don’t worry, it’s only a wrap, meaning it’s TEMPORARY.

Actually, they had another look planned but changed their minds, the video gives you the full story.

Yes, the classic look is great, but for the special event of the gumball 3,000 it’s been wrapped with some pretty slick decals.

What do you think of the wrap? Bold enough? Too mild if it’s only temporary?

The neat things is it’s REFLECTIVE, meaning it’s going to reflect light back, looking white if you take a picture, so in person will look a lot different than here.

Either way, black and red, or white and red lol, it definitely makes a statement.

What about the Wolf Pack logo?

That definitely reminds me of the “Hangover” movies.

Never heard of the rally? It’s at and is a 3,000 mile trip that includes royalty, alumni and of course, a series of AMAZING exotic cars.

That’s why a simply phantom wouldn’t do, it needs some bling (the wrap) because that’s what’s going to make it stand out a bit.

It’s not unusual to see Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, Bugatti’s and McLaren’s at the event.

Actually, to apply you need to put down your car’s details, they want to keep the bar high.

Then you’re off for a road rally unlike any other, through 3,000 miles of city and country, to sightsee and showoff and have an all around incredible experience with other car enthusiasts.

So you could be going through Dubai, or Britian, Monaco or a series of exotic locations, in exotic cars, having a bit of fun.

Want to know more? Search up the Gumball 3000 on instagram for some great pics of past events, or their site if you’d like to signup.

Just be prepared to bring your high-end, exotic along with you on this ride, because it definitely is a ride of your life.

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