Exotic cars leaving on state street

Missed the car show? Here are the exotic cars that are leaving on state street.

Check these out! Gorgeous Nissan gt-r, Lamborghini, Bugatti, you name it. There had to be over 10 million worth of exotic automobiles at the car show and it looks like they all headed out the same direction. I’m glad this was caught on video because it truly is a site to see. But not only that, this isn’t your armchair experience, no not at all. This specific vantage point allows you to see how they handle. How’s the takeoff? Steering? How do they hug the ground. And the sound, oh the sound of it all. Nothing is better than hearing and seeing them drive by in real life. Heck, I remember as a kid straining my neck to see cars like this drive by on the road or trying to catch up with them to get a closer look. Here you get the full effect, live in person. Plus the street is empty, too which makes it even better. I do have to say, they are so low to the ground, you don’t think about that much. The cars are almost tiny, but that’s not a good word for it, they are too impressive for that. And with the regular cars in the show heading out on the same patch of road, you get a chance to see them too and how they compare. Are the exotics worth 5 times, 10 times, 20 times more? At 200k, I’d say yes. But when they begin to hit a million plus, that makes me wonder how much is hype. Aside from rarity, is a Bugatti really 5x better than a Ferrari? Then again, rarity and exclusivity is definitely related to price and value of something. Just a limited run of a specific model can up the cost quite a bit. Then there are all the extra special things they do to the car to make it worth even more. What are your thoughts? Chime in below.