Gumball 3000 Rolls Royce Phantom

Holy cow! Check out this Rolls Royce Phantom wrapped for the Gumball 30000

It is pretty crazy!

Don’t worry, it’s only a wrap, meaning it’s TEMPORARY.

Actually, they had another look planned but changed their minds, the video gives you the full story.

Yes, the classic look is great, but for the special event of the gumball 3,000 it’s been wrapped with some pretty slick decals.

What do you think of the wrap? Bold enough? Too mild if it’s only temporary?

The neat things is it’s REFLECTIVE, meaning it’s going to reflect light back, looking white if you take a picture, so in person will look a lot different than here.

Either way, black and red, or white and red lol, it definitely makes a statement.

What about the Wolf Pack logo?

That definitely reminds me of the “Hangover” movies.

Never heard of the rally? It’s at and is a 3,000 mile trip that includes royalty, alumni and of course, a series of AMAZING exotic cars.

That’s why a simply phantom wouldn’t do, it needs some bling (the wrap) because that’s what’s going to make it stand out a bit.

It’s not unusual to see Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, Bugatti’s and McLaren’s at the event.

Actually, to apply you need to put down your car’s details, they want to keep the bar high.

Then you’re off for a road rally unlike any other, through 3,000 miles of city and country, to sightsee and showoff and have an all around incredible experience with other car enthusiasts.

So you could be going through Dubai, or Britian, Monaco or a series of exotic locations, in exotic cars, having a bit of fun.

Want to know more? Search up the Gumball 3000 on instagram for some great pics of past events, or their site if you’d like to signup.

Just be prepared to bring your high-end, exotic along with you on this ride, because it definitely is a ride of your life.